Last update: 21.3.2012
With this program thINGS lIKE tHIS will not ever happen to you. AntiCapsLock can disable CAPS LOCK key or tell it to behave as another key (SHIFT, CTRL, Windows key). Still, you can continue using CAPS LOCK (select a key combination to toggle CAPS LOCK e.g. SHIFT + CAPS LOCK). AntiCapsLock can also disable Num Lock and Scroll Lock

The registered version also saves (remembers) your setting and restores them every time Windows is started.

You can select one of two basic modes: Normal and Guarded.

If you decide to use the Normal one, Caps Lock behaves as always. On the other hand, the Guarded mode prevents you from accidental pressing of Caps Lock.

In the Guarded mode, you can select a toggle key and you may also want to remap Caps Lock (tell it to behave as another key).

If you press a toggle key together with CAPS LOCK key, you can switch CAPS LOCK even if it is disabled or redefined (remapped). Possible key combinations are:

You can tell CAPS LOCK key to behave as: In the "Disable Keys" box, you can disable Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys. If you want to, a small icon is displayed on taskbar for quick acces to keyboard properties.

Registration of AntiCapsLock is very easy and costs USD 10 only. It provides you free support, free upgrades and at last but not at least registered AntiCapsLock restores your last settings during next start of Windows. You can just switch on your computer and start typing.

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Tomas Kubec
Dejvicka 36
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic Europe


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